Selling everything VEX

Hey Guys. New to this forum but not new to Vex. I’ve had my Vex for several years now, bought new when they were still in Radio shack. I have bought a ton of add-ons and kits over the years but no longer have the time to enjoy it and also could use the money unfortunately. I don’t really know the value of what I’ve got but do know the value of everything new, which comes to about $475. I would like some input as to how much it would be worth as a bundle as that is the only way I want to sell it. I Guess I could say $400 or best offer.

Here is what I’ve got:
1 original starter pack
1 set of tank treads
1 metal and hardware kit
1 chain and sprocket kit
2 motors
1 linear track kit (this is the first one they put out, not the current one)
1 advanced gear kit, gearbox, large gears, worm gear, etc.
1 stainless steel motor mount kit

Everything is in pretty good condition, it has been used, but has been treated with care. The only issue currently is the battery pack, the plug has broken and I’m not sure where it is. Anyone who is handy with a saughtering iron would be able to fix it quickly with a trip to radio shack. Included in the package is the tackle box which I’ve used to organize all of the hardware, this works fantastic. Also, I can include the original VEX manual that came with it, but shipping would be delayed as it’s at my mothers house. Let me know what you guys think.
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Where are you located?
Will you ship international?
will you insure shipping?
How can you be trusted as this is your first post?

These are a few good things to state in the original post

And good luck selling!

Good points.
I guess I would say Shipping isn’t included in the total price. I would do $20 for shipping anywhere in the US and I don’t think I’d want to deal with international, I will insure the package. If the shipping ends up being over $20, I’ll take care of the rest. I’m currently in Vermont and that is where I would be shipping from. I am not sure how to get folks to trust me, perhaps it would be a good faith thing. I did use the old/original forum that was at vex and posted often there. I’m not sure if they changed the site around or added or eliminated or what. Feel free to send me an email at if there’s any questions. And please, don’t hesitate to ask questions. I would probably ask for payment via PayPal.
Thanks again.

Could we buy individual pieces if wanting to?

I’d really rather sell it all as one bundle.