SELLING - Large Collection over $2400's worth

SELLING VEX - Large Collection over $2400’s worth

I am saddened to say that I no longer get time to tend to my VEX due to a new Hobby, It just isn’t getting used so I thought I would give somebody the option to buy it, I have spent a lot of money on this so I don’t wish to sell it cheaply, but at a fair price for both parties!

Images below. I have attached a spreadsheet (via a PDF File) detailing what I have in detail. With GBP prices & also USD of Current Prices of these parts New via the VEX website, I understand I won’t get these prices but it will give you an Idea of how much it is worth atleast.

Please see Attached Files;
“Vex List of Parts to Sell.pdf”

I Live in the UK, I am looking for potential buyers so I am open to offers.
Obviously Shipping is a big issue which is something I will acquire a cost for once I have interest (if any).
When I started purchasing VEX I paid alot of import duties etc as it wasn’t big in the UK.

Checkout some of the Robots I have made on youtube - Link to Youtube

Please reply on here if you are interested?

Full Picture Gallery of All Items for Sale
Vex List of Parts to Sell.pdf (128 KB)

nice are you selling this only as a whole?

I may split into a few ‘orders’, I just do not wish to sell all the parts individually due to time. I just wanted to see what the interest would be like?

I understand I would make more money individually but I don’t have the time to sell it all individually.

Was there anything in particular that you were interested in?

The motors and pnuematics.

See what the cost would be to ship to Indianapolis IN 46219. I may be interested in the whole lot. Figuring out the shipping cost will have a lot to do with whether or not there is a way to come up with a win-win price.

You can email me at

I will look forward to hearing from you.

How Much for pneumatics. DM me

I would prefer to sell as the Job lot for convenience.

I will take the the ‘job lot’ to work on Saturday and get it packaged to see dimensions & weight then I can get a price to ship it as we use UPS through work (Which I know is a preferred courier in the US)

Good deal. Email me rather than on here because I do not check the forums all the time. I do check my email all the time.

Everything shown is still for Sale

As an example Cost for the postage.

I recently had to get a cost to Indianapolis

It will be £124 GBP which is 190.87 USD (Call it $190.00)
As the total weight is 36 Kilograms (79.3664 LBS)

Everything pictured minus the batteries! (due to very tight restrictions regarding chemicals that are in the batteries)

Also not pictured is the VEX Camera Receiver, which I will be including