Selling my VEX IQ collection

Hello, would there be any interest from someone to acquire my large collection of VEX IQ all v1

I have 2 brains, 14 motors, 2 color sensors, 2 distance sensors, 6 bumper switch, 6 touch leds, 2 remotes.

I have also over 20+ Hexbug (bunch with their electronics compatible with GO i think).

Metal rod, extra gears (lots). Before v2 it was worth over 2k.

I’d be willing to let it go for around 1k$ - I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

If someone is interested let me know, I’ll send pick of the collection. It will come with storage as everything is classified in a quite a few planos.

Can you send pictures, and also could you please say if you are willing to ship international.

Are you willing to sell only the motors and if so for how much (please dm me)

@InEdHelp: no not really.

@Sharky_do : yes i’d be willing but afraid of the cost… i’ll send u pick tomorrow. u’ll see why… got quite a few.

Hope this works, heres the photos of the collection. The non-intelligent motors (Hexbug) are great for ball contraption if you are into that.


Forgot I was on a US website, what i am looking for is in CAN so USD is more 750.


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Do you still have them