Selling Parts Collection

I am looking to sell my collection of IQ parts. It is gen one but all is in great condition. Its about $2800 but I would be willing to let it go for less. DM me if you want more info on what all would be sold and offers.

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There are no DMs anymore, I recommend sending a list of parts in this fourm so people can know what they are getting.

Away from home rn, will post a parts list in 1-2 days. Why no more dms tho?

… you’ve missed a lot …


could tell, wanna explain over discord or smthn?

Photos up! A few more along with full parts list will hopefully be posted sometime tomorrow.

the moderators do not allow discord links anymore, or links to any other platform.

I could potentially be interested… Do you have a discord or phone number we could talk further on?

Umm, mods didnt approve eother post with contact info. What am I supposed to do?

If all of you can get your mentor/coach/adult parent to join the VEX World Coaches Association | Facebook, then they could PM there. The issue of no DM on this forum is one of “protection of minors”.

Can’t message you right now, if you accept my friend request I can do you on discord.

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Dont have one, can I join by myself?

if you are in the Vex VRC or vex CAD server ping Andrew | 99904W in any channel

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Also dont see how this relates to blocking mentioning of contact info, I am simply trying to make a business transaction.

@Kajunii42 I would reach out to other IQ teams or schools that might need! :slight_smile:

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Pinged ya! Gonna start advertising on other sites too.

Here is a public facebook group you could post to as a student: VEX IQ/GO/123/V5/EXP/EDR Robotics | Facebook

Direct messages and sharing contact information could allow adults to make inappropriate contact/converstion with minor students. I agree it’s quite inconvenient.

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I have yet to see anything… do you have a name and number?

I sent you a ping on the VRC server. Might hat gotten lost though. Ill try pinging you again, or ping Kajunii

As far as I was aware, there were 0 reports of this happening n the vex forum. Instead, students have to take these conversations to discord and other sites where this kind of thing has been reported to have happened. At least on the forum an admin can see dms.