Selling parts - very cheap - Seattle area

We have lots of VEX parts from last year to sell including field/tiles/perimeter, some cutting instruments, motors, metals etc. Any interested Seattle areas team can pick up locally.
We can also ship to other places, shipping will be at cost (extra).
Please contact me for details and I will send you pictures. The price will be 40% of original price (plus shipping).

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Good evening, I know of a fellow teacher in Idaho who is just starting to get vex at his school. May I ask why you are getting rid of your vex stuff? and if you could send me oics of the filed perimeter and tiles along with anything else you are getting rid of, I can spread the word and maybe buy some for our program as well. My work email is [redacted] Thank you for the information. Have a great weekend.

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are you selling the brain and controller?

I will add details this weekend including pictures, prices etc.

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I’ve edited a post above for containing an email address. Please exchange personal information through DM’s.


Hi! I am starting a team this year and I basically need a lot a stuff like fields and parts. I saw your post saying you will include details this weekend, and I just want to say that I’m interested in what you’re selling.

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Here are the pictures

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Perimeter stuff is still in unopened boxes

If you are in Seattle area, I suggest pick all things up. We can price them reasonably.

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Yes. Brain and controller are also available.

How do I send a DM without knowing their email or phone number?

click the “name” of the person on the forum, then select “message”

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I’ve removed another message for containing personal contact information… and updated the Forum’s FAQ page


Only perimeter and field tiles are left. Perimeter is unopened (brand new) and is for local pick up only as shipping is very expensive (I checked today and it $400 for shipping perimeter!).

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Ah, I want a perimeter but I am in California. New it is so expensive. Anyone know where I can find a cheaper one?

If you’re just buying a perimeter for a practice field (not for use at in-person tournaments), you can save lots by building the perimeter yourself. Plans for two different designs here:


Any idea how much shipping to Wisconsin would cost? I am a very involved student looking to grow my org’s new program.

Our turned out really good, and it cost less than a hundred dollars.

I should look into that then
Could you direct me to any ideas for homemade tipping point game elements?

I would advise to buy your TiP game elements, just because it can give fake data on things like shape, size, or weight.

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