Selling Parts

Hello, I purchased quite a few parts a year ago thinking that it would be fun to have around the house since I enjoyed working with them in high school. It wasn’t until recently that I realized they were not getting much use by me so I thought I might as well sell them to someone who knows what they are doing. The list and prices are shown below.

V5 Classroom Starter Kit
Vex Price: $649.00
My Price: $550.00

Booster Kit
Vex Price: $199.99
My Price: $139.99

Tank Tread Kit
Vex Price: $32.99
My Price: $24.99*

Gear Kit
Vex Price: $14.49
My Price: $9.99*

High Strength Gear Kit
Vex Price: $21.99
My Price: $14.99*

Vex Price: $14.49
My Price: $9.99*

Wheel Kit
Vex Price: $29.99
My Price: $21.99*

Tool Kit
Vex Price: $3.29
My Price: Free*

-* My preference is to ship these smaller kits together to be more efficient with shipping. Buying a smaller kit by itself may mean the price will increase.

I have checked the parts I have against the part list on Vex’s website and found no missing parts nor did I find any damages to the parts. The electric parts are all working as intended.

As I said, the parts have mostly been unused which is why the prices may seem high for used parts. Some of the parts are even still in the plastic packaging that they came in.

I would be shipping from NC and anyone who is interested just let me know.



Sent you a private message.

Is the tank tread kit still available? Not saying we’d buy it for sure but we might be interested…

These parts are no longer available.

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all of them? dang i really needed some for next yr :cry:

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