Selling some vex stuff

Ok i am finely going to sell some stuff. i lost most hardware. so I’m going to try to sell my micro controller, my receiver, transmitter and my programming kit

give me a reasonable offer

*both transmitter and micro controller are missing their battery packs
*programming kit is missing manual (if there ever was one).

I might be able to find some motors if you want them

First come first gets!

I responded on VexFan.

can you just sell them on ebay? anyways, i’d probably be interested in just the micro controller and some motors and some pwm extension/y cables if you have them. i think i’ll be better with a starter kit on ebay, because i’ll get some other good stuff for a good deal.

ok i have took some pics here is the flikr

Any questions or comments pm me

I am asking $250 for the erector set(50),starter kit(300) and programming kit(100).

a good price but i think i’d rather buy individual stuff

Everything Here Is Still For Sale. Sold As Is Still Asking $250 Or Best Offer!

dude, just sell it on ebay

I was asking here first because i was going to let you guys get a better deal.

Just sell your stuff on ebay set the starting bid for the programming kit at like $40 and $50 for the micro controller.

You cant sell it for to much, no one is going to buy a micro controller for more than a hundred when you can get a bran new vex kit for for $150 to $250.

Some guy was selling bran new vex kits for $185 plus shipping for a march madness sale but 3 or 4 days later i checked and he sold all 20 of them!

Bottom line is that you might get $50 - $80 for the micro controller, you wont get more than a few dollars for the controller (You can buy one bran new for $10 plus shipping on some days) If you have a full programming kit with the software you might get $50

I predict that you will get around $100 - $120 for all of it.

Good luck selling, post the link and i will be bidding!!! (For the micro controller) Post the controller for buy it now $1 - $5 and i will buy it.

TRUST ME Ebay has millions of users , vexforum and vexfan only have thousands so you have a much much better chance of selling on ebay that on a forum.

Listing on ebay…

I"m out of the vex hobby…It has been fun!


Yeah…I’m 13…btw


Oooo, paintball. I am in to that. I have a Spider Pilot ACS. It is a very nice gun at a good price. It has Semi Auto, 3 & 6 Burst and Full Auto as well. It is a great gun for Speedball and woodsball. It does not chop paint. I highly recommend this gun.

I am selling an assortment of Vex is Starter Kit parts, most of them new and in excellent condition, including the following: Vex motor Kit, Vex bumper Switch Kit, nuts, bolts, washers, collars as shown in the photos. It is a good way to replenish your Vex parts inventory for more advanced robots and FIRST competitions. In addition I am also selling other robotics components including PIC Microcontrollers.

im 13 too, may i ask why you aren’t using vex anymore?

I am still using Vex! I am selling some surplus parts which I have, since I purchased more than one Vex Starter Kit and don’t need some of the parts. I though that maybe other Vex users and FIRST Contestants could make better use of them. In fact I love Vex and wrote a few articles to describe some of my own projects.

Check this article out and see the Vex photos one of which made it on the cover of Circuit Cellar Magazine. Some of the information is about programming and robot software safety, but you should be able to see the Vex parts in the photos.

Just out of curiosity what paintball gun were you planing on buying?

I own an ion with an 88ci 4500psi nitro tank with an evo 2 hopper (I had a halo b but i messed it up). My ion is upgraded so much, a new punishers grip frame, freak jr barrel, Q- lock feed neck, orange bolt, black heart circuit, virtue eyes, spring ball detents. It was a lot to upgrade but it now throws ropes across the field.

I am looking into that ebay sale of yours looks like a nice lot of parts!!!