Selling Team Apparel and Accessories at Worlds

Just wondering if RECF allows teams to sell their team apparel and accessories at Worlds. Have been noticing many teams advertising the sale of their team apparel. Thanks.

It’s not allowed. I forget where it’s stated but it’s not allowed. I know teams have gotten around it by just distributing things given out that were ordered prior to World’s

I don’t think this is legal at worlds. I think giveaways and free buttons and things like that are allowed though.

Here is the relevant question from the VEX Worlds team FAQ:

Q: Can teams bring items to sell from their booths during VEX Worlds?
A: Teams may not sell items from their pit or on the grounds of the Kentucky Exposition Center. Teams may distribute free items such as pins, buttons, stickers, information flyers, etc. Food or beverage distribution, however, is prohibited.

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