Selling V5 Parts!

Selling V5 parts: parts verified to be working. Sold as one set except for extra cartridges.

V5 System Bundle
total of 10 motors
1 extra battery
2 extra chargers
1 vision sensor
1 v2 button
2 600 rpm cartridges
Assorted wires, premade and custom
Cable connectors, unopened pack and handful of extras
cable crimp tool
cable stock
1 3rd party magnetic micro USB cable for brain

Will probably be posting on an auction site, but I’d consider selling direct if a reasonable deal can be made before that. Message if interested!

Ships soon, useful for states or worlds.

Also will be selling 1 100 rpm cartilage separately.
Link to auction:

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What price are you hoping to get for the bundle?

Probably at least list price, due to the demand.

please contact me, very interested to buy.

Have you sold to someone yet? I am interested as well.

I posted the link to the auction page for anyone who is interested.

I’m willing to buy the 100rpm cartridge if it’s still for sale

Would you sell just the battery?

Since we already posted the entire set on the auction site, we won’t be able to sell the battery separately.

Update: Auction will be ending in approximately a day and a half, at Feb. 25, 2019 12:17:18 PST.

T-20 minutes boissssss