Semaphores in RobotC

If we are using tasks, what functions are provided to allow semaphore protection/use of a variable that is shared between two tasks?

You can absolutely use semaphores in ROBOTC. Check out the response posted here ( for more information and links to the posts created by jpearman on this particular subject, which go into detail on what a semaphore is, how to use one in ROBOTC, and where it can be applied in VEX Robotics programming (thanks James!).

Thank you John,

I had another question regarding semaphores. What functions of the OS do you have for sharing variables, pipes/queus, etc. amongst tasks i.e. if we have a task that adjusts a control angle and a task that is the PID control for that angle, how can data safely be read/written by both tasks. Are you assuming we would utilize semaphores for this. Do you expect that they are required?