Semi autonomous Driving Ability in VEXcode Blocks?

I am starting my students out with VEXcode V5 Blocks before moving them to the text version later in the year. My question is about having the clawbot driving semi autonomous.

I am able to run an autonomous program and I’m even able to run semi autonomous by working the claw arm and claw while the program is running. The problem I am running into is when we need to make drive corrections while the program is running. When this happens, the program line that is currently driving the robot goes on to the next step.

In short, I want to be able to have the robot driving but if small driving corrections need to be made from the controller, then they can be made and then the program will resume.

Any thoughts on this one?

Thanks in advance!

Can you post what you’ve got so far?

Well you cant make corrections during an autonomous period or do you compete?

We are not competing. What we are trying to do is allow for corrections while a program is running. We are able to do it with the claw arm and claw but just not the drive motors. I will upload a link later to the file and the image. The system is not allowing me to upload the files here since I am still a new user.

Thanks in advance.

You might have to put another repeat once loop inside the drive code and have it check for controller input.

Create your autonomous code in the first thread

Create a second thread that will listen for controller input and halt the first thread

I FINALLY, was able to upload the files. The link to the Google Folder is: Semi-Autonomous Driving - Google Drive

In there you will have the PDF of my code and the Blocks file.

Thanks again as I am new to VEX and trying to stay ahead of the class I was given.

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