senior member

how do you become a senior member.

is how much you post on average.

does someone promote you.

I believe it’s just age? (18+)

I’m not positive though. I seem to remember noticing that mine changes to senior member a little after my 18th birthday.


if I remember correctly it is based on how many times you have posted.

I think it’s 30 for ‘member’ and 100 for a ‘senior member’ or something like that.

Yep, it’s based on post count. As soon as I hit my 100th post, I turned Senior Member

What is normal “member” Is it 30 posts?

EDIT: yeah, 30 posts to be a member.

I can’t recall what post I hit “Member” at, but yeah, it’s probably 30 or so. I wasn’t really paying attention to it back then.

I believe 30 makes you a “member” if i remember correctly

Yes that is correct.

So does this include posting on threads or making threads

Both. How the heck would I have managed making almost 250 threads?

lolololol too funny

I didn’t know that, I thought it was about time and the average post or day

At the time of my posting this, I have 99 posts and it says I am a “Member”. If it says “Senior Member” after I post this, we have our answer.

Right you are, Lewis.