Seniors in robotics

So where we live in Ohio, school is shut down for the next few weeks. There is rumor that it might be closed for the remainder of the year. I’m currently a senior in high school who is upset about the whole situation and everything we will be missing senior year. Are your schools doing anything special for the robotics seniors even if you don’t have school for the remainder of the year? Does your robotics have fun summer events planned, and if so, are the seniors who just graduated allowed to attend? Thank you!


Virginia is completely shut down right now and we aren’t sure if we’re going to be allowed to meet at all over the summer due to the severity of the cases of COVID-19. But our team 66661A (since we’re a start-up team) is planning on hosting classes and scrimmages for students interested in joining our team to continue our work. But if you’re able to meet up with your own team, a celebration at a near by theme park to acknowledge all of your hard work, Escape Room to work on team building and critical thinking, or anything in that realm would be a fun way to end the year. You could even assist the community by gathering canned goods and clothes for COVID-19 victims or medical supplies and money for nearby medical centers as a team bonding activity while simultaneously helping out the community!

Team 5S happens to be consisted of two seniors, so we are pretty upset that our season as well. As for any special plans, we still anticipate doing an open house to demonstrate our season’s robots to the community. We do it every year and it’s sort of a tradition. However, it will for sure be pushed back a few weeks or months.

7701TXZ has 13 seniors total so it’s a pretty big send off. Every year we have a banquet where we have dinner together and hand out awards made of the years field elements. It’s pretty cool and I’m most looking forward to the summer camp where we get to teach all the new teams how to program and build.