sense of accomplishment... Screw slide?

I don’t even know where to begin so i will start with the details of what this is.

1 - 12" 1/4 sq brass rod
1 - 12" 1/4 rd brass rod
1 - 12" 6/32 steel all-thread
fast steel putty
various vex parts
at least ( will explain later ) 6/32 nuts

i’m going to explain how i built this

first i took safety first i had my leather gloves, safety glasses, and face shield. ( yes i use them )

taking several 6/32 nuts i screwed them onto the all thread. using a bench grinder i slowly and i do mean slowly started to grind on them being very careful not to let them spin off the all thread they will spin and it helps keep it all nice and round. keep gringing on them till they just barely fit inside the 1/4 round tube. you will only need 1 but it’s easier to make the extras you most likely will loose it. be extra careful not to bend the all thread or let it touch the gringing wheel doing so will destory the threads. now for the harder of them using a pair of vice grips i ground a 6/32 nut into the shape of a square just small enough that it fit inside the 1/4 sq tube those two steps are the hardest to do.

now once you have 1 round an 1 square nut we can assemble. taking the round nut screw it onto the all thread about 3/4 of an inch down. now take your vice grips and kill the threads on that 3/4 inch so your nut won’t back all the way off… or you can leave it alone i left my alone i wish i would have killed the threads. now insert that nut into the tube about 1 inch and pinch the rod right infront of it and right behind it. now with that bulge you might need to sand it down or tenderly grind it as this is thin walled brass.

now screw the square nut onto the bottom of the shaft move it up 3 inches placing the square tube along side the all-thread/shaft combo make sure that you have 2 inches covering the round stock as it will fit inside the square stock. then place a mark on the square stock where that nut is this will be where you cut the square stock.

now after sanding and polishing and deburring place the all thread through the square shaft it should slide nicly if you ground your nut properly. when that nut is flush with the bottom of the square shaft you can cut off as much as the round stock sticking out the top as you would like. at the base you will need 4 - 6/32 nuts to hold them into place with your vex.

using the fast steel putty secure the all thread to a square shaft and assist in anchoring the square rod from movement and you have a precission extension slide.

possibilities are accuracy. force. low shock.

down fall needs a gear ratio for faster response takes about 2 mins to fully extend and another 2 mins to retract. tell me what you think this is the only one i will be making for a while i want smaller ones so i will be shopping for smaller stock.and other tools to accomplish the easier.

nice!! do you think you could post a video, and maybe a robot using this idea?

sure i think i will be able but at this time i’m in the process of making a treaded arm. you will see some of the pics tonight should only take a few more days to complete.

ill be waiting :slight_smile: