Sensitivity of colour sensor

Hi I was wondering how sensitive the colour sensor should be? I used the simple Modkit test code in this thread Color Sensor - Official Answers - Ask the VEX Staff! - VEX Forum and am able to get colour changes if I hold a very bright phone screen directly in front. But using a slightly less bright phones screen doesn’t work let alone normal lighting.
Is this low level of sensitivity normal?


The Color Sensor works best on matte or textured surfaces, and are currently calibrated to work best under standard (neither “warm” nor “cool”) fluorescent lighting

Smooth or reflective surfaces like laminated paper or polished plastic may affect what the Color Sensor sees, particularly if there are bright lights or direct light from the sun in your room.

In a room with standard fluorescent lighting and non-reflective objects, the Color Sensor will detect and differentiate between either 4-colors or 12-colors depending on the current mode of the Sensor.


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