Sensor for a lift

Hi, my team is starting to experiment with sensors and I was wondering what sensors I would use for a lift balancing program? Would the old gyro work for this and how would I code such a thing?
Thx for the help
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You probably want to use encoders or potentiometers, which both allow the tracking of an axles position. The V5 motors should have encoders built in so I would just use those.

Definitely not gyros - they are useless for that.

Some teams use potentiometers like @PortalStorm4000 said.

Best teams tho don’t use sensors, but link small gears on both sides of the lift with axles and add crossbracing to make it stable.

We had very crappy lift before we added crossbracing and it made a world of a difference.

Just to ask are you using Vex Coding Studio, if you are I highly recommend making a switch to either Pros, or Vexcode, it should be much easier to code, on those platforms, Vex coding studio is now considered Obsolete.