Sensor Reading

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, any help would be appreciated.

I just got the ultrasonic sensor, and I followed the instructions, and I’m not able to get a response from the test program. I’ve checked and I’ve got the output going to the inturrupt, and the input going to the digital output.


Please describe what is not working. Do you get the same value returned in the terminal window? Do you not get any values in the terminal window. What is that value? Does the bumper switch test work for your robot? Please be sure you have the "launch terminal window " option selected in the loader setup.

Sorry. Yes, the bumper switches work fine. I don’t get any value returned in the terminal window, which does open once the program is loaded into the robor.

You should be getting at least a constant value in the terminal window. Please recheck your connections. After the program has been downloaded to your controller, turn it off and then on again to reset the program. If you are using an the ULTRASONICTEST.ECP file unaltered, this should work. Please verify the Output is going to Interrupt #1 and the INPUT wire is going to Digital Output #11. When nothing is returned to the terminal window, you either have a bad connection or a bad sensor. Hope this helps!