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I’m working with sensors recently and I want tips from the pros. I’m pretty new to sensors and I have to get the hang of them until Feb. 26th. (States tournament for me) I am using Inertial sensors just like this, I’m pretty sure (Not Gyro) :
Screenshot 2022-02-14 8.56.32 PM

I’m working on something like this but in block code : V5 Inertial Sensor self correction - VEX Tipping Point - YouTube With the seesaw and I’m also trying it get it to track neutral goals and the red and blue ones.

Tips and tricks would be great. (By the way I update this if I make any mistakes or forget anything to add.)

I believe that is a vision sensor. Are you working with an inertial or a vision?

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Depends. I think my robotics coach has both.

Could I see some of your code? It would be nice to see how your drivetrain is set up.


So, if you use a inertial, you could add it into the default settings. Alternatively, you could have the drivetrain spin in a direction, wait until inertial sensor heading < or > whatever you want (depending on which way you are turning).

Do you need two sensors for each clamp arm set so it can grab two random neutral goals in autonomous and get it onto the seesaw

So, could you be more specific with what you want the sensors to do? Like, do you just want to know if a goal is in a clamp? If so, I would use a limit switch, and write the code something like, drivetrain move forward, wait until Limit switch pressing, clamp down, move onto whatever else you want to do.

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