Sensors Connected, not being used by Autopilot?

I have several kits and we updated them last week to the latest firmware. I can locate and test all of the sensors in Device Info, and they all seem to work fine and communicate with the brain. When I run Autopilot, only the spiral program seems to function properly. It appears that the program does not recognize input from the sensors. If I unplug sensors, the only one that generates an error is the LED. None of the other sensors are listed on the Missing Device screen.


Hi easton99,

We’re sorry that you have encountered this issue. When you are running the Autopilot program, are you using this on the Autopilot Robot or the Clawbot IQ robot? The Clawbot IQ can be built by using sections 1+2+3 in the build instructions, while the Autopilot robot is built using 1+4.

The Autopilot program was designed to work only with the Autopilot Robot, and all sensors with the exception of one Touch LED, 2 Smart Motors, and one Bumper Switch are optional When these sensors are not connected, the program uses the current sensing inside the Smart Motors to help detect if the Autopilot robot has hit an object. (If the robot hits an object and the motors stall, the electrical current drawn by the motors will spike).

Since the Clawbot IQ is a lot larger (and thus heavier) than the Autopilot robot, using Autopilot program on the Clawbot IQ may cause the electrical current to be over the Autopilot threshold, which will cause the Clawbot IQ to continuously think it has hit obstacles.


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