Sensors for Design Award?

Is it required for teams to have working sensors on their robot to win the design award?

No, it is not required.

Here is a copy of the Judges Guide:

In it, you will find all the requirements for each judged award, in addition to the rubric for the engineering notebook, which is the single most important thing to look at if you want to be considered for the design award.


No but it could maybe help you get the design award if you explain how it works. Because in general its the design awards and they looking for well built bots.


The design award rubric doesn’t say anything about a well built robot. That is a different award - the Build Award.


Yes. My bad. But having a sensor could help you if you include it when explaining possibly.

we have got excellence 6 times in a row with no sensors

From my judging experience - there is the rubric and then there are tie-breakers. For two teams that I judge equally in the rubric - I will look for tie-breakers - such as a well planned and executed schedule or a detailed explanation of code that includes demonstrated understanding of sensors and why they are used. However, if a team does not score well in the rubric then those aspects will not even enter into the decision. So my first piece of advice is to make sure you are addressing all the elements of the rubric. Then go above and beyond.

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