Sensors for v5

Sorry if this question has already been asked before. If it has, I couldn’t find the thread. So, I have a question about the sensors we can use on our robot. I know in the game manual it says that for the control system, we can use either the v5 brain and motors or the cortex and 393s & servos, but I wasn’t able to find anything about the sensors. I haven’t seen any talk about any new v5 sensors other than the new vision sensor. So are there any new v5 sensors (like pots, gyros, and bumpers) out there? If we choose to use the v5 system, do we need to use v5 sensors (if they exist) or can we use sensors from the old cortex system?

You are able to use all old sensors that are legal if you were to use the CORTEX brain. As far as new sensors, there are new button switches and limit switches in plan (We had a beta kit) and they may have a few more. Personally, given that the motors already have integrated encoders, only the vision sensor and mabye a gyro will be relevant.

Yeah, a gyro was the main reason I asked because we will probably want one of those on the robot for precise turning and I haven’t heard about a v5 gyro yet.

Hi there! It’s been rumored that the v4 gyro is incompatible with v5 even though the over v4 sensors are, I’d hit up a beta tester in a private message if you need to know for sure. However, the v5 motors have internal encoders, so I’m sure you could design consistent autons without a gyro just by looking at the difference between the left and right side of the drive. 5225 used 3 tracking wheels and no gyro last year, and their autonomous was incredibly consistent. Good luck!

This is correct, all of the other sensors that are legal are able to be used, but given that the motors themselves have sensors but in, it makes the use of a quad encoder or a potientometer unnecessary. That may also be the reason we only got new limit switches and button switches with beta.

I wouldn’t say they are unnecessary. The motor’s integrated encoders will pick up wheel slip, so don’t go throwing out the red quads yet.

Existing gyro works just fine with the V5.

So is it legal to use a v4 gyro with the v5 system in competition?

No reason you couldn’t use the existing gyro in competition.

Gyro worked fine with my beta kit. And it’ll be legal for competition

So you’re sure it is legal for me to use a v4 gyro on my robot in competition when my robot will be operated by a v5 robot brain and have v5 smart motors, correct?

The gyro works fine, but the refresh rate should be slower since there is less voltage going to it. I haven’t tested it, so i dont know how much this changes things.

The voltage won’t be change, it got 5V from the Cortex, it’ll get 5 from the V5

If you go to the end of the V5 architecture page on the VEX website, one of the new sensors coming after V5 is a 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer.

That and the LiDAR combined with the existing capabilities of the Vision sensor is going to make autonomous very interesting.

So if we use the v5 system, will they expect us to use the upcoming v5 gyro or will it be legal to use the v4 gyro with the v5 system in competition?

Excluding IMEs (see below), sensors for the Cortex system (“v4” is not, and never was, a real thing) are both competition-legal and compatible with the V5 system.

Old motors (393 and 269) are compatible but not competition-legal when using V5.

The old LCD, speaker, and integrated motor encoder are not compatible with V5.

Also, besides the vision sensor and new integrated motor encoder, I don’t expect any additional V5-only sensors to be released until later this season at the earliest.

Thanks for the clarification!!! Using a gyro will definitely help with precise turns.