Sensors Not showing up in Debugger Window VEX EDR Cortex

We have an issue that I’ve never seen.
Multiple student groups, multiple cortexes.
Current Equipment/Software:
VEX Cortex EDR
Robot Platform Type: Vex 2.0 Cortex, Natural Language PLTW
RobotC version 4.56

Issue: Once a third sensor is put into motor/sensor setup, others stop appearing in debug window.

Adding one at a time, all is good until you try to add a third. These are all digital sensors that utilize 2 ports each.
Once the third one is added, then you loose 2 of the three in the debugger window after the next cycle of compile, download, and Starting the new program.

Group 1:
trying to use 3 ultrasonic sonar’s

Group 2:
Trying to use 2 ultrasonic sonars and 1 quadrature encoder.

We’ve tried:
Manually updating all firmware.
Different cortexes
Different Computers running robotC
different sensors
verified these sensors work fine elsewhere