Sensors Question

My team is starting to code a skills autonomous within the next couple of days, what sensors would help us accomplish the task of an accurate program?,

Note: We do not have an ejector in the back of our robot, just a regular snail bot.

Note 2: We are using VexCode Blocks for this program.

Edit: We have an inertial sensor coming in at some time, and we have a few bumper switches/potientiometers.

Define toy make sure you know how to use the built in motor encoders. The rest depends on how much you are trying to do. For just a couple goals. The built in encoders should work.

We are trying to aim for a 106, we would like to accomplish this in about 2 weeks - a month. I go to practice for at least 2ish hours a day.

Getting all nine goals will be tough. I am not sure you will be able to do it with blocks. I would recommend using PID at a bare minimum. Another thing you could use is a line sensor to check yourself against the auton and home row line.

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Can you even make a PID with block code? Or is it more work then would be necessary?

If you don’t have PID then I would give up on getting all nine goals for auton. My team is doing 5 goals with PID and it is hard enough. I would aim for getting the home row first. Also, does your robot have the ability to strafe?

I built an x drive for the sole purpose of turning less in auton.