My distance sensor is very weird the value is jumping around a lot. I hold my hand right in front of it and it pretty much ignored it. The value was supposed to be 2 inches, but it showed like 4.

I don’t know what happened.

Now I played with it some more. Now it is fairly accurate. But it still jumps around, and it is about 10mm off. But to some of my experiments, that is very off.

Welcome to the world of vex iq sensors!

Does the reading behave less erratically if you use a hard, flat object to sense, like the edge of the field or a hardback book?

Same here. It’s more of a guideline and less of a hard rule…

I had the same experience too. The distance sensor has a margin of error of at least 2cm. Hence rendered it almost useless in the ring master challenge. We initially wanted to use the distance sensor to replace the bumper sensor as we don’t want to hit the bumper sensor too hard (potentially also cause the gyro sensor to drift even further). Later we discovered the outrageous inaccuracy in its measurements and had to give up.

I’ve had good results with the bumper in both 1) ringmaster autonomous mode triggering the ring tray and 2) bumper toughness when pressed hard/fast/held down.

Thanks for the help. I can’t do anything in the ModkitForVEX. The value stays around 80 and 91. And sometimes it says 21675 even though it’s looking at me