My team is going to the us open and worlds. We do not have sensors, like potentiometers, gyro, or shaft encoders. Should I add these to my robot befor the us open and worlds?

Of course! There are plenty of resources online and in the forums to get you started on mounting and programming.

I am actually slightly surprised you got so far without them, so congratulations on good driving skill and a bit of programming luck. I would recommend starting with something very basic such as a limit switch for your lift to prevent it from going too far up or down in driver control. You might want a bumper if this is a high stress application. Once you have this working, maybe add encoders to your drive train so you can have more reliable autonomous routines. Another option is adding a potentiometer as an autonomous selector, having a block, cone on stationary, and mobile goal scoring options.

Those are just a few ideas! Here is a good summary of the sensor selection:
I would also recommend avoiding line trackers, ultrasonics, and accelerometers in your first year.


To add on, sensors are very beneficial in building a robot. Encoders and Gyroscopic sensors can help with the base of the robot. It can be used for a more precise autonomous. Potentiometers are very useful on the lift and four bar(if you have one). They can make the lift movement very precise and you can implement things like auto-stacking. These are just some of the basic and main ways you can use sensors in this game. I would highly recommend using sensors so stacks can be higher and autonomous can get more precise.

Yes! Definitely use sensors. Like others said, potentiometers, encoders, and limit switches are really good. Keep in mind that potentiometers should be used only for mechanisms that have a limited range of motion; they break if you go outside that range… I’m not sure if you want to toy around with gyroscopes, since you might find it somewhat difficult to understand their data. But if you get it, more power to you!