separate bots?

Has anyone thought of the idea of having a separate bot just for programming skills and one for driving skills. For example one team had a bot at one event for just programming skills, and did bad at robot skills, then they came to the event the week after with a bot that did well in robot skills and scored a high score because the score from the event before for programming skills and the robot skills from the next event were added together. So they had a high score, I just wanted to know if this is a legal strategy.

There is a rule that states that you can only have one robot at a competition. So only one robot for both drivers and programming.

I know that people have talked about optimizing a robot for skills and that the robot may not be the best for tournament play. I’ve never witnessed it, but based on some the discussion on this forum, I think using a different robot for, say, a skills challenge than a tournament has been done (not saying that two robots would be used at the same tournament). I don’t think it breaks any rules. And if a team wants to build three different optimized robots - good luck with that. We can barely get one robot built! However, what I think is definitely against the rules is that if team 999X builds a robot and uses it in a tournament or skills challenge then the next week (or anytime in the season) team 999Y uses the exact same robot.

However, I’ve never seen an official ruling. You may want to post a question on the Q&A.

Not to mention that drivers skills totals do not carry over from week to week…

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The best robots will be able to do well in both skills and tournament play :slight_smile:

To echo, what DRow said, the Robot Skills score is the sum of the best Programming run and the best Driver run at a single event. It is NOT (or shouldn’t be) the best Programming skills run for the season plus the best Drivers Skills run for the season. The cores do not carry over (or shouldn’t) from event to event). As for designing several robots, given the above, I am not sure what benefit that would be. I guess you could design and run a Skills only robot at a particular event and not care how it does in the tournament or run it in a skills only event. Then design and build a tournament robot and not care how it does in skills. However, I am of the belief that a well-designed robot should do well in either.

That question has been answered in the forum. And you are correct 999Y is not allowed to run a robot that was previously run by 999X in a prior event.

Nope. Perfectly legal.

I think there is either a rule or Q&A that states that a robot that is inspected cannot be used by any other team at any subsequent competition

I couldn’t find it. That doesn’t seem to make sense, given VEX’s aversion to unenforcable rules. Each event is usually run by different people who have no idea whose bot competed under which number a month ago. Can’t you just say, “Nope, not the same bot”? Who can prove you wrong, especially if you made modifications. And if I give a sister team a component of my bot because I don’t need it anymore, is that illegal?

I remeber that to, let me see if i can find it.

Edit: found it

So no, not legal

I remember a thread from NbN legalizing “skills robots” at one competition and competition robots at another. I couldn’t find, it though.

No, any team can entirely change their robot from one event to the next.

That was not the question being answered. This particular clarification has to deal with a robot use by team X in event A then being used by team Y at event B. The Q&A ruling is clear on this specific case.

Also, a VRC team can not compete with two robots at single event, having a “back up” robot or a specialized robot for programming/driver skills.

Did you mean the OP’s question?

I think he’s asking about a team X driver bot at event A and then a team X programming bot at event B, which I think would fall under the same umbrella as the NbN ruling.

So many divergent points in this thread :slight_smile: I do not believe the OP asked if they could use a robot at an event and another team use the same robot at another. …

I think the all aspects have been covered :slight_smile: Time to focus on next competitions!