Separate packs for the "flaps" from the tank tread upgrade kit

Our team utilizes a lot of the flaps from the tank upgrade kit, but we only use the larger ones for the intake. The pack only comes with 10 which isn’t enough. If we want to buy more, then we have to buy the entire kit which is a waste of money.

Can Vex sell “Additional flaps” of different sizes separately from the kits?

i think yo umay have posted this in the wrong section (if you wanted a concrete staff answer)
but if this was meant to be for the public, then i doubt they will do that
if you need the flaps bad enough, then you will just buy the whole kit = more profit for them

i think this is an issue with a lot of teams this year because of the similar intake designs
you will just have to decide for yourself if its worth it

At a push, you could always try and make some of ur own. That way you can also vary the lengths more, for instance have 2 or 3 inch long flaps. One example of how to make some is in this thread.

However, I agree with you, I would love to be able to purchase stand alone flaps. Perhaps VEX could also make some longer ones???


That works, unless you’re using every single inch of your polycarb already :wink:

I hadn’t thought of that. But then again, 24"x12" is a lot of polycarb, im sure there will always be some left over.

From how i see it, Gateway will be over in a few months. Then the next challenge will be releases. If you buy the pack vex sells, you will get what you need for this year, andd maybe next. I really dont think vex is going to make a seperate pack of tank tread flaps for this years game, because it might not sell good next years game. Just stick with what they have now.

Not on our robots :wink:

Well, for this year, the polycarb will be used a lot on the sucker intake robots. You could also use steel/aluminum, but polycarb is the most favored.

really? we have heaps left over.

10 flaps isn’t enough for me. And spending $50 for 20 of them isn’t exactly in our budget but, I see your point.

Anybody have any suggestions for alternatives?

Use smaller sprockets.

Lots and lots of trimmed cable ties.

I bet that if you took the time to put a bunch of zip ties all around the wheel and then streached a piece of vex surgical tubing over each zip tie tail for grip that it would work just as well or better then the tank tread flaps. In fact I might actually try this and see how it works out. I’ll update you all on this thread if have time to try it tomarrow.

guess who thought of this idea already? :wink:

+1 for originality
i going to try that tomorrow and see how good they fare compared to lexan and the rubber flaps