Seperate robots for skills and tournament?

I was watching VEX CAST and think i heard them talong about bringing a seperate robot for skills. I may have misunderstood. Is this possible? I thought it was only legal for one robot per tournament. Just checking

I believe they are referring to skills only competition where there is no matches.

I believe the competition they were referring to was the Singapore Skills Only competition, as @alex531 mentioned, there were no matches run, so having a ‘Skills Only’ bot was legal. If you take a look at the VEXCast, you’ll see 8059A’s skills only robot which is what you were talking about. Just to reiterate, you can build as many robots as you want, as long as:
A) The robot does not change plates.
B) You don’t bring more than one robot to a competition.


Yes, the robot is designed and built just for programming skills challenge.

But there is nothing illegal about it - as long as it is the only robot we are using for that specific event.

Of course it was a skills-only event (which is happening in many parts of the world as well), but even if it is a full-scale competition, it is still up to the teams if they decide to go for matches with a skills-only robot.

i got it now, thanks.