September 2016 Release of Robot Mesh Studio

Robot Mesh Studio: September 15th Update

Introduction to VEX IQ mimic (virtual robot) construction and programming:

Robot Mesh Studio 3D VEX IQ Mimics Intro

Robot Mesh Studio Mimic Editor Features

Robot Mesh Mimic Build Chassis

Robot Mesh Studio Mimic Drive

Robot Mesh Studio Mimic Distance Sensor

We are also working on the VEX EDR version of the Mimics.

A few useful improvements:

  1. New multi-gizmo on the mimic editor, enabling translation (moving) and rotation without having to switch back and forth between the two gizmos.

  2. “Fast Build” option to build and run without the debugger is now available (click on the down-arrow next to the Play button).

  3. Improved compile times for the EDR Cortex.

Very cool CAD! This will help many VEX IQ students in the process of designing as well as speed up the assembly procedure.