September 27 - REC Foundation Season Update

Join the REC Foundation for a season update Tuesday 9/27 at 7 pm CT on Twitch.

We’ll be talking about:

-Aerial Drone Competitions

-Policy Changes

-Organizational Flat Fee registration

-The new REC Library

-Tips for a successful 2022-23 season

-The release of the 2023 VEX Worlds website

Additionally, REC Foundation CEO Dan Mantz is fielding questions from the community. Have a question for Dan? Submit it here in advance.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday at!


Can’t wait to use my Twitch Prime sub on the recf


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So cool that Dan Mantz is a twitch streamer.


Would This apply for IQ for well?

None of the things listed were specific to any competition, besides the drone one. So this seems to be a general statement for all vex competitions.


Anyone want to chat with me in offline chat?


Hope this doesn’t mean RECF is moving things over to Twitch. I’ve heard FIRST is looking to move away since so many schools block it. Can’t use it on our school network or with any school issued device off network.


Yeah, not sure why they would switch to twitch. As a viewer, youtube streams are almost universally better, with a better player interface, the ability to rewind, better app support, etc.


Hello! The season update will also stream on YouTube (2022 - 2023 REC Foundation Season Update - YouTube) simultaneously.


Stream is about to start:


The Twitch stream is glitching a lot.

The twitch chat mods seem to be very liberal in handing out these bans…

this is tragic…

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Did you see some of the comments that led to the bans!!! There were some very off color and unprofessional comments. That is the danger of using Twitch. We won’t give up on trying to use the platform but will expect the community to refrain a little more next time…



the one i posted above wasn’t mine, it was another example from someone i know.

Ah. Still pretty funny. What’d you get banned for?

something out of line that im not going to repeat my mistake of saying.


I would argue it was. The recf saw that this comment was not at all relevant to the current conversation and was a misuse of the chat. This also showed that said individual was willing to post useless information beyond the normal “water game”. They likely didn’t want this user to have the chance to post again considering users considering they did not know what out of line comment they could make next. This “liberal banning” was likely because users like you were making comments that could be extremely offensive.


Mistakes were made. I’m not saying they weren’t, just that the response was kinda harsh for a first offense.

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I’m going to argue that even considering how off-topic this comment was, it wasn’t worth a ban. A mod could comment “Hey, keep it on task”. They could also do a short timeout, which could deliver a similar punishment/message. A ban is a poor response unless the comment was extreme (something 18+, slurs, etc.).