Servo Load Oscillation

While working with the BEST Robotics components, VEX CORTEX Microcontroller and VEX Joystick we encountered a servo oscillation problem. We have attached to the servo shaft an unrestrained load with an unbalanced mass (similar to a hand on a clock movement). If the unit (servo with lever) is bounced even slightly it will begin a continuous back and forth movement. I’m sure that it is a code problem but as a novice to programming I don’t know how to stop the servo from fighting itself. We are using block code in the easyCv4 software setting Joystick Digital To Servo [1, 7, 2, 127, 1,-127, 3]. We need to understand why this is happening and how to remedy it.

The servo provides no feedback to the controller, so I doubt it is a code problem. If it oscillated after you commanded it to move that could be a code issue.

Your best bet is to use the online window and attempt to see if you can replicate the issue. This will allow you to manually test the servo without any possibility of code mistakes.

If it then still presents itself as a code mistake then you should probably either post your code here or if you don’t want to share it, then you can PM me a copy and I’ll have a look at it.