servo or motor for tilt, pan?

Hi I have built a squarebot with a wireless infared camera on it and currently have it set up to pan with a motor. I’m wondering if anyone has set up a tilt with either a motor or servo. I did try it with a servo, but would like something that actually stays were I tilt it. I was sort of steering away from a motor due to its continous rotation (is it possible to set up limit switches for just one channel without programming?) Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

You could probably use the limit switches and be fine. Just program it so that when the switch is pressed it kills the motor.

Our vex team recently built a robot with a similar system and if you program the limit switch to kill the motor it can’t be moved again. Program it to reverse until the limit switch is released.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, for the moment I decided to go with a 12 tooth driving to 84 tooth driven gear setup for both the pan and tilt motors. It is slow enough for me to react to any limit binding (it also allows small increment adjustments to position) but fast enough to be useable during vehicle motion.

You can put in limit switches connected to different places on the Vex controller- I don’t know which ones, but the manual has it in there. Different places will make different motors ignore CW or CCW- I think the first 8 holes are by default limit switch holes. Check the manual under Sensors, IIRC.

u could also use an optical shaft encoder but a limit switch would be easier