servo pulses

I don’t find any reference in the FAQ or forums, so here it goes:
normally you control a servo by sending pulses and then holding it in that position for x amount. I just began playing with VEX and don’t see any way to do that with easyC. I must be missing something.
The ? is: how do I make the servo turn x degrees using easyC? (I imagine the hold would be done with WAIT or a conditional)
The servo symbol in easyC is identical to the motor symbol, I was expecting PWM settings or some way of telling servo where to go.
I am trying to manipulate a marionette this way.
Any help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

A servo module has a limited range of motion (about 120 degrees). The PWM value specifies a position within that range of motion for the servo motor to move to and hold. I would suggest using the online window to determine which PWM values relate to the specific angles of your mechanism. Hope this helps!

Thanks Dan. I got it working by multiplying the 2-100 value of the sensor for 2.55 to spread it to the 0-255 range of the motor.