Servo rotation 100 or 180 degrees?


Before I go advocating tearing things apart, can anyone think of a reason replacing the servo gears with motor gears wouldn’t remove this issue and allow the full range the internal electronics offer without damaging the motor or the gears and without changing the rpm or or the torque?

If you replaced a servo’s internals with those of a motors, won’t you just end up with a motor module? I believe the main difference between the servos and the motors is the removal of the limiter and position feedback thing? I’ve not taken either apart though :confused:

I think to make a servo go further than it currently does, you need to send it a different PWM signal. I’d love it if I could do this some how with my brain, a servo is perfect for the vexplorer, except it just barely doesn’t open wide enough.


So as I understand it, the gearing can be changed to remove the limiter, but the electronics will do different PWM signal interpretation.

For Starters, the Servos turn the opposite direction as the motors with an Identical Signal.

Thanks for your sharing
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