Servo Usage & Programming - save teh n00b..

yay, first post… anyways, here i am, just getting started with my Vex kit… have the basic model put together, did some basic programming, and now… im stuck.

simply put, i cant figure out how to set the pivot servo to pivot left and right in accordance to the right stick without obliterating my tank-styled control setup. i figured a slave setup into motor port 4 would do it, even though i wouldnt have total control, however, my book isnt very clear on programming a slave drive…:confused:

Which Programming Environment (e.g. EasyC 2.x, EasyC Pro, MPLAB)???

The Right Stick, Left-Right is Channel #1. When the “stick” is centered, the value is ~127, Fully to the Left the value should be 0, and fully to the Right should be 255, but I might have them backwards…

The servo should be at the Center of it rotational motion when it is being sent a value of 127 (the approximate value of the “stick” in the centered position), and move Fully Clockwise and Counter Clockwise when the “stick” is moved to the Left and/or the Right.

ah… im using the EasyC software packed in the starter kit… v. 2.x to be more exact. i take it i can edit all of that using the motor control window, in the pivot tab…?

this system is waaay different than the one i am familiar with (heard for the B.O.E. bot…?), and its gonna take some time to adjust… ><;;

Can you post your EasyC code?? it makes it easer to Trouble Shoot… You can attach your Whole EasyC project to your post…

ill go back and re-assemble everything, then find the code for it… ill post when its done