Set Screws and Antenna Tubes

I think that vex should sell the antenna tubes separately so you dont have to spend 5 bucks on stuff that you dont need with the rx accessory kit. Vex should also make it where you can buy replacement set screws for shaft callers.

You can buy 8-32 by 3/16" set screws at most hardware stores. I just picked up 16 today. They are usually 15-20 cents apiece.

We have kind of abandoned the radio antenna tubes in favor of using 11-inch wire ties, with the antenna lashed to it with 4-inch wire ties. Cheap, peppy and effective.

Also, if clearance isn’t an issue, you can just use a regular 8-32 VEX screw instead of a set screw.

  • Dean

yea, it kinda sucks that vex doesn’t sell the antenna tubes separatly. the collar screws can be bought at a hardware store, but the antenna tubes have to be bought with other stuff you don’t need. the second day I had my vex set about four years ago, I caught my 5-year old sister drinking milk with it.:eek:

You can probably go to a Hobby store and find antenna tubes. Last year we got some in different colors that matched out robot’s color scheme. They were legal in LA so I would expect they would still be legal this year. I would check first if you plan to do that. I expect though that a hobby store would have the regular clear tube.