SetMotor and SetMultipleMotor

Hi Guys.

My students and I have a problem:

So far we are using the graphical UI.

We used to be able to use the SetMultipleMotors command, but suddenly, this command doesnt work anymore, neither the SetMotor they simply do nothing.

The motors are plugged into the correct ports, the Forward command works, and in “Device info” the motors show up on the correct ports and can be turned on from there.

Using this nothing happens ? using a single SetMotor command doesnt work either :confused:

What is happening here ?

Thx Frederik and students



I really need help with this issue, I am to teach in 3 hours :confused:

VEX crew ?

I just tested this and it works fine - VEXos 2.0.1 and ROBOTC 4.54 here, just updating to the latest version. Can you upload your actual program for us to take a look at?