setMotorTarget...WaitUntilMotorStop Doesn't always Work


Most people are under the wrong impression that RobotC is not a toy language.

I think there is an extra negative in that statement.

ROBOTC is simple and does what it needs to do, any costs it pays are over the head of most users, while the benefits are appreciated by everyone.


To those who helped with the original issue in this thread, the program ran successfully at our lab tonight! Many thanks again to all who gave their insight and their ideas. I learned a lot today and was able to pass on some of that knowledge to my kiddos in our practice tonight. Below is photo of the robot (someone had asked earlier to see it to see if the weight was contributing to not reaching the motor target).


Fixed. RobotC is wonderful.


And I’m also impressed what you can do with Graphical. I had a team last year calibrate their robot for lighting for their line tracker… Using Graphical! It can get clunky, but you can do almost anything you want with it… Except have more than 10 variables… :slight_smile:


Yes, graphical is cool. We do Modkit on the iPad since that offers the ability to wireless download. When the team out grows that, I move them to RobotC graphical to show them what it would look like. Then I rip the blocks away and we do direct code. So I’ve never run into the 10 variable limit.

Ohhh RobotC how I will miss thee when VCS for VIQ ships in 8 weeks.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist, no idea when it will ship, I have zero inside information)