Setting gyro heading not always working as expected

I’ve been trying to learn how to use the gyro in our autonomous programming. I’ve run into an issue where my code works most of the time, however, sometimes when I attempt to “set gyro heading to X degrees”, it fails to do so, instead setting the heading to some seemingly random value. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?

I did a quick check of set heading and don’t see any issues. Can you post the code you are using or a simple example that demonstrates the problem. Thanks.

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Thanks! It won’t let me upload attachments so I’ve linked to a simple program which acts as described. The bot turns correctly only some of the time. I’ve tried this with two different gyros. Perhaps I don’t understand how “set heading” is supposed to work. Any insight you can provide will be most appreciated.


we have confirmed a bug in the sdk. The issue can happen occasionally when setting heading from an event if the gyro is also being used in another event or thread (ie. a when block). It should be fixed in the next release which will be out soon.


Thanks for the update. I look forward to the next release!