Setting PIC microcontroller back to factory defaults

I received a set of instructions via email detailing the procedure. They were well written and easy to understand - thanks. However - I cannot get past the “No programming board found” message. I tried the troubleshooting tips (including downloading the USB-to-Serial driver - no luck.

I did try to use the cord from my phone handset instead of the programming cable - the clip on the end is broken and it won’t stay firmly seated in the outlet on the PIC. Could that be a problem? The Device Manager recognizes it properly - but when I choose the COMM port number and click “download”, I receive the “not found” message.

Any other suggestions? Could the PIC somehow be damaged ? Thanks.

Hello sreed,

The PIC can only be programmed via the Hardware Programming Cable, not the coiled handset cable. “No programming board found” usually means the PIC is powered-off; therefore, not found. Is your battery on or off?

Also please attach a screenshot of your Windows Device Manager, while your Hardware Programming is connected to the PC. If the cable loads correctly it will register under the ports section.