Setting up classroom fields for next year with both VRC and IQ

In my classroom next year I will have tables… I set up one VRC field and three IQ fields. VRC is on the ground and three IQ fields are raised. IQ HAS to be raised or they will step on it. It’s just want they do.

With the new fields for IQ being 6x8, I’m not sure what to do. I think I can make 4x6 tables 18" high. 2 for each IQ field and I could also raise the VRC field with 6 of the same tables. Then, at my VRC events I would have enough to raise 2 fields, 6 for each.

My main concern would be field leveling. I’m no carpenter and the field risers that currently exist are out of my price range… for now.

I also have seen the Team Virus aluminum field risers and I like them a lot, but again they are a little out of my range and I’m pretty sure I’ll find a way to screw them up! Also, as they are they aren’t able to support both fields.

Thanks for your thoughts, ideas!


The Team Virus aluminum IQ field will be updated early next year, since we need them for our events over the summer. There will be a couple versions: A rigid version and a folding version. No changes are planned to the VRC field riser plan. To level the fields (we have to do it outdoors on a lawn for our fair event), we have lots of shims: 6" long pieces of 2x4, and lots of 4x4 squares cut from 1/2", 1/4" and 1/8" wood (old pegboards for the 1/8"). For a more permanent leveling over just a 3/4" range, the aluminum risers have screw-in leveling feet than can be adjusted…it just take a while, so we use wood shims instead.

Getting a 48" level (or two) is a must for setting up field risers. They are $8 at Harbor Freight (with a 20% off coupon)

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