Setting up VEX Vision Sensor Properly

I’ve been struggling for a while now to get the VEX Vision sensor set up properly for our field. I’ve figured out so far how I can group together colors into signatures like Sig 13 or whatever it is organized as. I’ve gotten the blue flags to register properly, but the red flags seem to want to group into a single object whenever it sees two of them together. I’ve tried adjusting the brightness and sensitivity of the colors, but it hasn’t helped any. Is this a technical problem with the firmware, or is this me messing up somewhere? I’ve looked through a few of the vision sensor setup pages on here, but none have helped me so far. Thank you in advance.

What I have found useful, is to use the green part of the flag, instead of the actual red/blue part ~400B

That was a proposed solution in our group. Ended up doing something a bit different that should still work, but neither our solution or that one solves the problem. Hoping that somebody much better at this than me is browsing the forums and has an answer. I don’t get why it wants to group the flags, when no pixels between them match a color code.