Setup for a New Team

This year, our team made it to the finals in the Middle School Division at US Open and can’t wait for next season! But next year, I won’t be able to take robotics. My friends and I have thought of an idea to make a team of our own but we need to set it up. I have created a budget and logo for our team. I need to make sure I have enough parts to build a robot and make a team. We still need sponsors but we will try finding some down the way. Am I missing any parts or essential items or do not have enough parts?

Budget: Vex Costs - Google Sheets

Soo… I have a question.
Were you that team with the masks on at CREATE U.S.?
We were the team with the golden cat hats.


I might’ve mistaken your team for another, like a 10000 team.


Are standoffs included?

I might’v missed it, but I’d pick up a wireless programming set as well as the simple competition switchboxes. Both are very useful when testing out code.

Looks like you have a brand which is good! You have a pretty good list and are pretty spot on. Some other elements are non Vex parts like toolboxes, tools, etc. You can say you already have them at home or cost them in here. Pneumatics is another cost that could be added on too.

Some good previous threads to look at for reference and additional ideas:

The initial year costs are higher than year 2+ costs. Field, tools, and some core parts are used year over year. So if you need to sell this to others, you may want to consider breaking out the year 1 vs year 2+ costs for future fees/donations.

You probably also want to order nylon spacers.

Thank you

Extra higg strength gear set, high strength sprocket set, high strength chain set, and a four pack of 84t high strength gears.
Any specific sensors you need as well.

I would say also add a couple more motors for prototypes.

I have been in the processes of starting a new team for the past 3 months as well. I takes a lot of effort, but it pays off if you put the time in.

Wish you luck on your team!

You have to take a class to be in robotics? how many other teams are like that? That would kinda stink if it didn’t fir in the schedule and it ruins such a good opportunity. Anyway, hope you can follow through!!

You don’t have to take the class, but we will follow through :slight_smile: