Setup of autonomous

does anyone know where i can find out how the feild is set up for autonomous, yes I know this is a little late to figure this out.

just google the field setup

The field would be set up the same way as any normal competition

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yeah, but where can i find that, i tries to field it but couldn’t, also how tall are the towers.

yeah, but how is that, how tall are the towers and where can i find this info for myself

The game manual tells all.

Or you can probably just search it up on Google.

Go onto, go to competitions, VEX Robotics Competition, more info, field specifications, and there it is.

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google basically has it all and if you search up vex comp setup it should give you a clear idea of how tall certain things are and how its setup. I don’t think i can be of anymore help so thats my advice. i hope it works out for you.

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