Several autons on one program


So I’ve been creating identical programs with the only differences being their autonomous. Is this necessary in VCS or no? It’s very tedious and can get confusing with so many different files that are so similar. Is there any way to select one of several available autons in a single program (like during preauton or something)? Idk if this is a dumb question or not…


As a quick and simple solution use a potentiometer and in autonomous execute different autonomouses depending on what range of values the potentiometer is in.

You can also build your own GUI for selecting autonomous before the match begins; some community members have already made some threads here on the forum about their own implementation.


Yes. There are several ways to do it. The nicest but most complex is to start your pre-autonomous period with selections from the V5 brain’s screen. You could do other things like having a potentiometer turned to certain spots and read when you start pre-autonomous. Jumpers can accomplish the same.


I don’t know about VCS but in PROS I have void functions for every auton and before the match, I select which auton I wand by calling the function in autonomous. If you want an auton selector on the field making one with the default emulator shouldn’t be that hard.


There is also a new way I’m not sure anyone has tried. You could make different cards to hold in front of your vision sensor during pre-autonomous. Use appropriate colors or color combinations and you could select what you want that way, too.


probably over-complicating things but hey, if it works.


@MLTurtle I just posted my code for a GUI system, check it out here:

It should make your code a lot more unified


This sounds cool!

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What we use are jumper clips in digital sensor ports (The legacy ports would work as well). We have functions set up for each tile, and then based on what port the jumper is in, it will run the corresponding autonomous.


My team set up a case-switch in the pre-auton to cycle through the autonomous programs with a controller button and select the one desired before plugging into the field control tower. Each autonomous is labeled and prints to the controller so it’s easy to see which one you have selected.

Word of caution, you cannot use the controller to select once you plug into the field control. As long as you are familiar with the routine of selecting before plug-in, it’s an easy way to have as many autonomous programs as you want on the same program.



I think I would like to hear more about this. Sounds really similar to use of the LCD Display before? I think this would be much more manageable for my students.


Here is a V5 autonomous selection using the brain - one program controls all …


Easiest is to make each of your autons a function and call them all in your auton super-function, commenting out the ones you’re not going to use. Downside of that is if your alliance realizes they can’t run something for some reason, there’s chaos trying to get to the laptop and download with a new auton un-commented before the match starts.
Most foolproof is a potentiometer.


we just use a potentiometer dial to change our auton