Several timers

Is there a way to have several different timers running simultaneously?

You can always effectively have a nigh-unlimited number of timers through coding. If you want multiple timers, just don’t reset the timer. That will mess you up. (You can at the beginning, but not once you start using your timers.) Rather, for each timer you read and record the brain’s time when you start that timer. Then when you want to check any particular timer, you subtract the recorded start time from whatever the brain’s current time reads. You can now run as many timers as you want simultaneously.

You can run timers simutaneously, and most programs have their own timer as an integrated sensor inside of the Brain/Cortex. Since you are asking if there is a way, it is different per platform. What are you using? V5? CORTEX? What platform? PROS? ROBOTC? VCS C++? VCS C++ Pro? Etc.?

Okay wow yeah I feel dumb now LOL thank you so much <3