Several zero scores during Division Eliminations

I haven’t been able to watch the various Championship webcasts, but scanning the division results I see a non-trivial number of zero scores. There are enough to make me think that alliances are getting DQ’ed. I hope not.

I spotted roughly ten matches with score of N-to-0 out of about sixty elimination round matches.

Who can fill me in on what happened were that that many DQs? For what reasons?


There were definitely some DQs. Just watching online i saw one in Math and I think one in Enginnering. One was for pinning, I don’t know about the other.

I noticed in one of the HS semi-finals that one alliance had two matches with a zero score.

I hadn’t thought disqualification I had thought breakdown but probably DQ’s.


I was head referee for Engineering. There were no DQ’s during the eliminations on that field.

There was only one elimination match zero score on Engineering but not for lack of scoring but rather exceptional de-scoring and defense.



I’m about 95% sure that Science andTechnology both had no DQs in the entire tournament. A fair number of teams pushed the pinning rules hard, but did not cross the line into dq range.

Science didn’ have any DQs. Some games had all weighed goals locked up and strong descoring on the wall goals to cause the zeroes.

Team 1492? The new world champions? That Wasabi?

math had at least one dq for a robot that was too big (first 2919 match). there was another dq in either math or eng (probably math) for a robot that was pinning. I think it was in one of the last matches against 2921b

Math Finals were flat out domination (no DQs occurred) . You have to see the videos to understand the level of play but the Math alliance was the fastest scoring alliance I have ever seen.

Now if they could just figure out how to stop green eggs ! :smiley:

There were two DQ’s in the Math eliminations, both in the 1st vs. 8th seed alliance quarterfinal. One was for pinning and the other was for touching a robot after the match had started.