<SG1> and preloads

If I’m reading SG1.f correctly, a team may introduce up to 3 preload rings prior to a match , and those preloads may contact their robot. Exactly how much contact and what kind of contact is allowed? Is the robot allowed to grab and hold onto those preloads with a claw or some other powered or passive mechanism (before it’s disabled by a field controller)?

The robot can have all the contact possible with the preload rings or the littlest possible contact. They just have to touch a part of your robot (metal, plastic, whatever you make) to count as preloads.

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examlpe on the game manual:


In the game manual example, would a team be able to extend the arms (using a controller) before preloading the rings? Or would a field controller disable the bot as soon as (or even before) it’s placed onto the field and before the team has a chance to preload?

you can do what you need to do before plugging your controller into the field control, just make sure anything like this keeps your robot in sizing.


just as a little clarification, the preload does not need to be able to fit in the robot’s size constraints, but you need the robot to still fit in the size constraints at the beginning of the match.


Correct. A lot of time what some teams would do in previous games where you were required to have a preload, and they didn’t want to use it, was to put it on the ground touching the sides of the drive chassis or other part of the robot, but not necessarily in the 18" size restriction.

Of course, in this game you can opt to not use your preloads, but it’s very much legal to have your rings poking out the side of your robot if you choose to use them.

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