Sg1 repositioning note

I was wondering and slightly confused about the ability or if it is allowed for red robot 2 in figure 26 in sg1 to reposition the tribal that is in the match load zone before the match. It doesn’t say you can’t but I figured I would ask to see what other people thought as seen in this picture

Actually, the Game Manual and Q&A explicitly answer your question. Take a look again <SG1> and <RSC2e> which are highlighted at beginning of Game Manual update section.

Come back if you are still unsure.

Also, be sure to have latest version of Game Manual


To my understanding the is for skills and I was more wondering about head to head. It says in that in the picture robot one can reposition the triball in the red zone but I didn’t know if bc it says “it may be repositioned during pre match set up by teams robot that it adjacent to the match load zone” I was wondering if even though it is not the red zone the red team can put it any way they want to.

In skills you can move any of the match load tri-balls. In regular game play you can only move the one adjacent to your starting position. You can move that tri-ball to any legal position within the match load zone. You can not move it into the red zone.

But red robot 2 can reposition the triab in the blue match laid zone to anywhere they want in the blue match load zone

Note: The Triballs which start in each Match Load Zone must be contacting the Match Load Zone at the start of the Match. However, they may be repositioned during pre-Match setup by the Team whose Robot is using the Starting Tiles adjacent to that Match Load Zone. For example, in Figure 26, Red Robot 1 would be permitted to reposition the Triball in the lower-left red Match Load Zone

Thank you for clarifying where the ambiguity lies. There is no specification of color (other than robots referred to in note). What is import is the word “Adjacent”, meaning alongside the starting tiles used by the robots in their alliance starting tiles. The match load bars have different colors due to the starting tiles are perpendicular to their Alliance Stations.

I hope this helps, and thank you for clarifying the concern.

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Yes this is correct. Note you can take tri-balls from any match load zone. On your own goal side I don’t know why more teams don’t take this tri-ball out during auton or on the opponents goal side why teams aren’t pushing balls into the match load zone to take them out of scoring. The match load zone is a great place to push the opponents alliance tri-balls if they aren’t in their goal.

So as red robot 2 I can reposition the triball in the blue match laid zone right next to me within all the rules of it?

Yes as long as its still touching the tile within the match load zone.

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