SG2-Interpretation (tipping point)

should the wording “at any point during the Match” be taken that if a robot falls forward and then exceeds 36x36 as a violation or should this be interpreted as when in the starting orientation. I haven’t seen any team called for this technicality yet. would love to know if there a case of this that I am unaware of.

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Yes, it applies at all times, not just starting orientation. Although to clarify, 36" in any horizontal direction does not mean a 36" square; it’s much smaller than that.

Realistically, if you tip over, unless you somehow block access to one of your opponents’ / neutral goals, tipping over typically does more harm to your team than advantageous good, so there isn’t really a reason for referees to give anything besides a warning.


a team we were going against fell over and the refs noticed it, they measured after the match, and they got a rule violation. it might not be very common (and varies depending on the ref), but it is something to look out for, because that would be annoying to loose a match because of it.

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They shouldn’t get a rule violation unless it was intentional :confused:

According to Q&A:

a Robot which has tipped over does not affect or interfere with the Match to their advantage, and this violation would result in a warning. A Robot which has “accidentally tipped over” (with heavy “air quotes”) in a Match Affecting manner may receive a Disqualification